Sometimes we don’t think the Holy Spirit is doing much, but it’s because we are sailing downwind, covering more ground than we sense.

wind n water

Today, while trying to maneuver a boat to dock against the wind, I knocked a clothespin loose, and the coffee socks went spinning into the water, only to sink quickly out of sight.


None of this fits into my dream. So I sit here in the cabin realizing that the dream, like the childhood toy, is broken. The concept and wishes of the past, like the favorite sweater, doesn’t fit who I am today.


Mind you, this tide is the highest of the month. It creates a wall of water about six foot high to roll in under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s crazy to try. You can either wash up on the shore of Alcatraz or Japan, and that’s if you’re lucky.

getting there

… Then I caught a flight to join the boys. Red eye to Newark, with an early morning flight out, I got the literal bird’s eye view of the Atlantic coast, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, and the Erie Canal as the sun rose. Stunning.


… locked in place by a lock that turned up keyless. Prying, hammering, wrenching, and contending finally loosened it’s hold. We lifted the beast out and set it aside…


Years of dreaming and planning later, the boat and trailer were legally registered in our name yesterday. Sitting by the fire, chatting, curled up in cozy blankets, sipping coffee, sketchbook in hand is one thing, standing in line at the DMV while the computers keep going down…

other rivers

Our next adventure is pending; the Erie Canal beckons. Manmade and practical to begin with, now life-in-the-past lane, we look forward to exploring this artery that created America.