other rivers

Water covers the earth in larger proportion to land. Swirling, tangible, alive, pulsing, ever changing, reflective of sky, storm, and lunar tendencies, it remains a mystery. Made of miniscule particles,  each of which seem weightless, together water creates depths the human mind, body and soul can not penetrate. Always in transition, equally powerful as vapor, mist, cloud, rain, or body, this simple element has not changed in the last 6,000 plus years. The same drops of water Adam and Eve interacted with have touched every generation since.

Gathered, the force of water shapes land better than any other tool. Rivers are good reflection of that. Fed by gravity, gathered from snow melt off, the drops eagerly run towards the ocean, following paths carved by their earlier passages. And we blithely name these rivers and create vehicles to traverse them.

Rivers may be the tamer younger brothers of oceans, but these arteries pulse vibrantly, and shift their beds during extremes of weather, or when the earth turns violently. Where history may have grown a delta, there might now be a desert. Where fields may now grow lush, the river may have previously coursed.

Traversing rivers is a family habit. Nile, Bosphorus, Mississippi, Huron, Platte, and Okeechobee Waterway to name a few. Our next adventure is pending; the Erie Canal beckons. Manmade and practical to begin with, now life-in-the-past lane, we look forward to exploring this artery that created America.