Looks bad but is itIt’s not been a fun day. One would expect that after paying for a boat, things might work out, but after too many trips for supplies, the boat was finally put in the water. Half the supports from the trailer ended up missing. We can only presume they are floating away someplace.

The motor ran a total of ten minutes, then died, with a cracked throttle. More than just money, it’s taking time. Three hours of hanging over the stern as our skin crinkled red, and the tools needed to be tied on by rope to fall out of our cramping hands. The old engine was locked in place by a lock that turned up keyless. Prying, hammering, wrenching, and contending finally loosened it’s hold. We lifted the beast out and set it aside.

It’s hard for me to feel confident or excited. I had been meaning to work on the lights and figure out the assembly of the Bimini. But our boat is still tied up at the end of the gas launch dock, looking like a lemon. A few men who were leaving when we splashed the boat had choice and gregarious words for our simple craft. They left us in a cloud of loud, large engine fumes, with their beer and laughter. Across the way, a more helpful old man offered us to borrow his spray can to get things lubricated.

Although we came away burnt and tired, with little to show but a crusty old engine now sagging on the dock, our pending Adventure has potential to carve a deep wake. This trip is not merely for our current pleasure, as much as we anticipate rest. It’s about building a watery foundation that Searches on, and plants seeds of Hunger and Thirsting as we go.

So, yes, we fall in bed tired, but lesser dragons were slain as we pressed on into the fray, and tomorrow holds a new dawn. And we are afloat. There is that!


  1. Pamela Valkema says:

    Is it floating yet? Is it working hopefully? Where’s a picture of the actual boat?


  2. suzmichelej says:

    You are positively miraculous. So impressed right now. The beauty of this adventure is just unfolding…thank you for sharing it, in all it’s rusty, unpretentious glory 🙂


  3. dan smeenge says:

    Good point, Pam! We will get a post with the boat out as soon as possible!!


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