getting there

Having moved sixty plus times, often internationally, it could be ponderous that we would choose a little marina downwind of the Erie Canal to start our journey. The pitted road, rickety docks, and fading paint indicate that this spot has been around for a while. The nearly all Irish crew makes us wonder if perhaps they are direct decedents of the men who carve the canal 200 years ago.

Getting here was an adventure in and of itself. Dan and our grandson started off by train from Sacramento, with an interchange in Chicago. Someone forgot to switch the signals on the tracks in Nevada. After three days and almost ten hours of delays the train sagged into the basement at Union Station and informed the passengers that they could camp in the train if they missed their connections. No food, no water, no ice. Just the echoing roar of the underbelly of a disorganized entity. Our two champs opted to pay for their own hotel and come back refreshed in the morning.

I had a few things to tie up at home yet. I side dressed the corn, harvested kamut, caulked the tub, put in the base board in the bathroom, vacuumed, packed organic food from our own supplies into my checked luggage, did the books, and went out shopping with one of our daughters, who is keeping things going while we are away. Then I caught a flight to join the boys. Red eye to Newark, with an early morning shuttle out, I got the literal bird’s eye view of the Atlantic coast, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, and the Erie Canal as the sun rose. Stunning.

Meanwhile, daughter the second was driving cross country, doing the college tour with our granddaughter. Pacific Ocean campuses, LA traffic, fun air bnbs, a night with a stewardess friend who lives in Las Vegas, the Rocky Mountains, and vast plains of the midwest all create memories. Then we all converge at the little marina with the rickety docks. Getting here has been diverse and challenging at times, but feels appropriate for an adventure. While I stock the galley with matcha, organic nuts, black beans and quinoa the guys are figuring out the engine, bimini, and batteries. Feels like a launch soon….